English Teaching last hip!

Last week I attended one of the workshops teachers go to while working in the academy and I found it very interesting. We talked about the main learning skills and the way we managed them. We were also introduced to one of the strongest upcoming teaching techniques for vocabulary the MPF.

As an example of average students’ strugle with vocab we were shown the following image:


This image expresses how new vocabulary may be depicted by a student who is unfamiliar with it and also how, if given the means to decode it, he/she may learn to attain vocabulary (as opposite to merely writing it down as a sequence of words with their equivalents in their own mother tongue).

So, experts from Cambridge University came to the academy and talked to us about the four main skills. They based their explanations on one of Eli Hinkel’s publications and she seems to have caught the new mainstream teaching areas.

One of the items that I found most appealing was the new Vocabulary teaching method –the link to the wordpress platform has been posted above-. They also provided us with some of the most commonly addressed blogs on vocabulary (used by their very own teachers). Take for instance the following one, as they made quite an emphasis on it:

This blog -so did the Cambridge presenters explain- has been granted different awards and its content is reliable and ready for use.

After all that, us teachers form Velvet shared our own ideas and the ways in which we encourage students to approach the language and develop their skills. I for one, shared the following input and attendees seemed quite interested in it:

The images above depict the different areas students must master in order to be recommended for a Certificate by one of us teachers. I insisted on the fact that making students aware of their own progress -or current standard- linking back to these visual imput really does the trick! They suddenly prove to be conscious of how ready -or not ready- they are for a given Certificate Exam.




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